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Educational Institutions-Formation & Regulatory aspects

Educational Institutions be it a school ,college or an Institution requires indepth analysis of various regulatory aspects besides complexities involved in their formation.Practical approach without much nitty gritties is our aim in creation of this page.Suggestions are welcome at

§  Formation of Educational Institutions through Trust,Society

§  Sample Trust deed    This Sample Trust deed contains model clauses which can be suitably modified. Format of Sample Trust deed given here .Main purpose is that all the points are covered. Trust deed is to be registered in the office of the Registrar where property documents are registered .Value of property for the purpose is the money set aside by the settler for the purpose of creation of Trust

§  How to form a Society   Starting from covering letter, it contains Memorandum, Rules and Regulations of the society etc. Registration of the society is governed by the respective laws applicable to the state-say for Haryana THE HARYANA REGISTRATION AND REGULATION OF SOCIETIES ACT, 2012, Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Rules, 2012. 

§  Bye Laws of Educational Society   Normally there are Model set of Bye laws operative in each state within the parameters of which particular society may frame its own bye laws.

§  How to open a school    This article talks about various formalities required to open a school. One can get an overview of the path to open a school through this article.

§ CBSE Guidlines-Abridged Version  This Write up contains CBSE Guidelines to be followed for a school.Every school has to be governed by the guidelines set by the respective State Education Department and Board set up to award recognition.

§  AICTE Guidelines- An Abridged Version   This write up contains well studied guidelines for opening an Institute.

§ UGC Guidelines   This write up contains guidelines given by UGC for opening a university. Of late,Various Health Universities are on the anvil.

§  40 Point checklist before Putting up a proposal for deemed university   This checklist is helpful for deemed universities who are awaiting an inspection.IF preparation is done along these guidelines,recognition is faster        and easier.

§  TRUST-An article by Dr.Girish Ahuja Covering Taxation aspects

§  University Industry Interaction Prof Ajoy Ghosh

§  Questions on Section 12 A & 80G Dr.Rakesh Gupta

§  Case Laws on Charitable Purpose and Educational Societies

§  Service Tax Implications in education Sector and Not for profit organizations -Sh.Ashok Batra

§  You can also Download the following:

§  Education in India-At a glance

§  Approval Process for Schools-CBSE guidelines   71 Pages. 

§ Circular reg Imposition of Service Tax Implications

§  UGC Act   We have  given abridged version of UGC Guidelines above.

§  AICTE Approval Process Handbook Part I

§ AICTE Approval Process Handbook Part II

Charitable Trust  An Overview

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